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Company Description

Binhminhpat Packaging Company Ltd.

Dear Valued Customers!

Binh Minh PAT packaging Company, we are one of the biggest printing and packaging manufacturers, located in HoChiMinh city, near the Ho Chi Minh port in Vietnam.

With the co-operation, development and production together, we have many subsidiaries for supplying packagings.

We are specialized in producing carton boxes, paper box, Paper display Shelves,stickers, decal labels, prochures catalogues, flexible films, Print Invoice, Print Exclusive Schedule and bags, mono films, paper boxes, paper labels for many fields such as foods, seafoods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals products and so on.

Our packaging products have been known to the market for over 10 years and are constantly improving through using Modern Equipment Technology in order to satisfy fully the accuracy and time increasing demand of both domestic and international market.

Our advanced technologies imported from Japan, EU included gravure, offset and flexo printings, Printing Offset: large size: 1.1 (m) x 1.6 (m) . With the experiences in packaging for more than 10 years, we have exported products to USA, Hollands, Japan and so on with the manpower more than 500 persons in company.

We have experiences in management of technology human and based on having ability of high technology, our production capacities are achieved by 100 million sqm/year for flexible packaging, by 20 million meters/year for sticker label, by 15 million sqm/year for corrugated box, by 55 million sqm/year for carton box and paper label.

With the commitment to customers, Binh Minh PAT . CO. LTD would like to offer the reasonable price, quick production and good service. We would like to co-operate and hope to have profitable mutually. All customers will be given a warm welcome when contacting us. Please visit our website: for more information.

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Nhà máy Sản Xuất Bao Bì Bình Minh PAT
- Địa chỉ: Lô B26 Đường số 2, KCN Hải Sơn, huyện Đức Hòa
- Điện thoại: 0918000768
- Website:

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Bao Bì Bình Minh PAT
- Địa chỉ: Lô A59/I Đường số 7, KCN Vĩnh Lộc, Q.Bình Tân
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